Dienstag, 3. Januar 2012

[UTAU海外組歌合戦♂] Hyperventilation Dance [Kaninchen]

UST by willowispembers
Original song by Nashimoto-P (梨元P)
Originally sung by Miku Hatsune

Kaninchen joins the competition for the boys♂ side

UTAU海外組歌合戦 (overseas uta-gassen) rules:
→Please tag and title your video with UTAU海外組歌合戦
→Please submit your own utau (to avoid double entries with same vocalist), or if you wish to use someone else's, please first obtain permission from the voice provider
→Please indicate if you are on the boys♂ side or the girls♀ side in your video description. Even if your utau has no established gender, please take a side of your choosing.
→There is no points, ranking or judging system, everyone please just try your best and have fun with your utau cover! There will be a poll conducted at the end for boys against girls, so let's all try our best!